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TMS Laps for Chairity

Boneyard takes the track at Texas Motor Speedway.

Texas Motor Speedway 2010 “Saturday Night at TMS the Boneyard Trucks took the track for Speedway Children's Charities. The Boneyard Street team was on site from 5pm till 10pm.”

Speedway Children's Charities

Boneyard Haunt-5 takes turn number 2 at TMS.

NASCAR - TMS For Laps For Charity

Boneyard takes the track

“Haunt-5 rolls out of the pitts”

"It’s not every day we let our fans drive their car around Texas Motor Speedway so for them to experience the 25-degree banking in the corners in their personal vehicle always provides them with a memorable experience,” Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage said. “And it’s always great that they can have fun and help a wonderful organization in Speedway Children’s Charities at the same time.”

Dark overcast skies make the perfect backdrop for Boneyard Trucks at TMS

Since its inception in 1997, Speedway Children’s Charities – Texas Chapter has raised more than $5.7 million to benefit local organizations. Last year, SCC-Texas Chapter distributed a record $1 million in grants.

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TMS Laps for Chairity

Last run for the night.

Thank You Boneyard - was great to see the Boneyard on the TMS digital sign.

Lined up behind the Pace car “The last run of the night at TMS. Boneyard ran a total of 12 laps. Thanks go out to the TMS crew for a great night”