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We take your privacy very seriously.

Boneyard Haunted House is committed to your privacy. We do not nor will not sell or give your confidential information or contact information to third parties without your consent. Website Use Terms and Conditions Boneyard Haunted House serves this website as a means of providing general information about our company, it's members, affiliations, dates and events, social activities, any other events, and all things relative to Boneyard Haunted House and its members.

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Antique Rusty Lock on Castle door. Otherwise, you are not permitted to copy or modify or distribute the contents of these pages without the expressed written consent from Boneyard Haunted House and it's management officials. Boneyard Haunted House acknowledges that they are not responsible for third party information that may be accessed via this website. If you access third party information from this website, you are doing so of your own accord, and should seek any further information regarding that third party from that third party website which may or may not be in conjunction with this website. Thus, you will need to uphold the privacy policy and Terms and Conditions stated by that third party website.

Antique Rusty Lock on Castle door. Boneyard Haunted House strives to maintain accurate information on this website regarding their events, event dates, information, and all contents regarding events. Boneyard Haunted House reserve the right to change any information at any time, including, but not limited to, the text information, images, artwork, videos, and any or all content found on this website. Boneyard Haunted House makes no representations or warranties that the information on this website will be uninterrupted or error-free, has 100 percent up time, or that the server which houses the contents of this website remains completely free from harmful components. Thus, Boneyard Haunted House, its group members, management or personnel, website creators, and or others involved with the creation of this website shall not be held accountable for any (if any) consequential effects, such as any loss of data, benefits, use, profits, etc. resulting from the use of the pages of this website.

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