Boneyard Haunted House featured on DFW's Most Haunted - CBS 11

Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators spend the night upstairs at the Dallas Haunted House and get some unexpected results.

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IR Camera - Ghost Hunters with K2 meter

People pay lots of money and stand in long lines to go into a haunted house and they expect a good scare. But what if one of those haunted houses really did harbor ghosts? CBS 11. Joel Thomas explores the Boneyard haunted house in Arlington. Reporter: Dan Hall runs the haunted house in the abandoned sears building. We work hard all year to perfect our scares and technique for a short time in the Halloween season. I guess basically that's what we do for a living. Upstairs is a massive, dark, unused floor. When we first acquired the building, and the mall maintenance guys and mall security handed the keys over us to, they jokingly told us don't go upstairs. Reporter: soon, Mr. Hall began to think he was not the first person to haunt the building.

One of the trash cans just started moving!

In the last year, there's been two or three things I can't explain. The rolls of receipts were stacked up on the table. And one of them came rolling across the floor at me one day. It just brushed my foot. Reporter: now, the floor is littered with the paper. Another event was downstairs. One of the trash cans just started moving toward us. It accelerated then stopped. Reporter: we take our ghost hunters upstairs. It is pitch-black. Still, and hot. That would be kind of creepy. Hurry. It said holiday several times. K2 Meter - Ghost hunting equipmentStory. Night. Property. 50. Suffer. Reporter: does the Boneyard have a real haunt? An untold story left to tell? That's the last thing you really want to do is start promoting that your haunted house is actually haunted because they're going to think you're just trying to grab publicity.

I guess people that see UFOs, do you tell anybody or keep it to yourself? Reporter: Joel Thomas, More Ghost Stories