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updated, October 7, 2011
Haunted places in Texas - Screaming Bridge in Arlington

Welcome to the Boneyard Haunted House Ghost stories page. We love Texas Ghost stories, and around here it seems that just about everyone has their favorite. Operating a Haunted House in Arlington Texas for several years now. We are always meeting new people with a love of Ghost stories and local hauntings.

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Ghost Stories

Haunted places in Texas - Screaming Bridge in Arlington


Fort Phantom Lake:
A lady in a white wedding dress has been seen walking across the lake at night, then vanishes.


Gebo's Supermarket:
In the mid 1980s, an employee was killed in the meat department late one night. The ghost of the employee has been reported to moved items and placed them elsewhere. Employees now try to avoid doing inventory at night.


River Legacy Park:
Several stories about this one! Many years ago a man was killed at this park,He was shot while helping a woman that was being attacked by her boyfriend. His ghost has been seen wandering the park at night, tapping on the windows of parked cars.


Six Flags Over Texas:
The Ghost of a young girl has been seen numerous time at the Candy store. The store building a former farmhouse was moved to Six Flags. The girl named Amy drowned in Johnson's Creek and can also be seen walking the railroad tracks, switching lights off and on and opening and closing the curtains.

El Paso

La Hacienda Restaurant:
On the banks of the Rio Grande river that separates El Paso from Mexico. The ghostly figure of a woman walks near the restaurant, wailing and asking for her children, who had drowned in the river.

Fort Worth

Del Frisco's Steakhouse:
Once the site of a Texas bath house, a man was bathing and was shot through the head! The ghostly apparition of this man is said to be seen in the banquet room and the upstairs bar on occasion.

Fort Worth

Scott Theater:
The founder of the Scott theater Billy Scott, has haunted the building long after passing away from cancer. Paintings from the collection of Mr. Scott's shift by themselves on the walls. Laughter can be heard comming from the basement. A actor named Ken Yandell hung himself from a pipe in the basement and haunts the basement's hallways to this day.


Sons of Hermann Hall:
Built in since 1911 and located at Elm and Exposition, this music hall has had several unexplained events. Voices and the sound of childrens laughter, paintings falling from the walls, doors that open and close and the sightings of a ghostly couple roam the hallways.


Screaming Bridge:
The bridge was the scene of a headon collision, killing all the teenaged passengers in both cars. Rumors are that on the date of the accident the names of the dead can be seen glowing in the water. If you sit in the middle of the bridge on the anniversary of the accident a heavy fog will appear and headlights can be seen from either side of the bridge. The bridge has been closed to auto traffic.


The Tavern Restaurant:
The figure of a young girl can be seen in a window, a ghost called "Emily" has been seen on numerous occasions . Legend has it that in the late 1940s, Emily and her daughter were killed in the tavern. Televisions in the bar are reported to change channels by themselves.


Bus Crash:
A gravel pit at the corner of Five-Mile Road and Bryan Road claimed to be the worst school bus accident to date in Texas history, a Dr. Pepper truck hit a Mission school bus on September 21, 1989. Twenty-one children drowned, sixty were injured. Now fenced in, people have hear the sounds of screaming children at night, and multiple sightings of figures sitting on the ledge of the pit have been seen. (Locals say there's nothing haunted about the gravel pit, it's just a teen hangout.)

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