"A History of Death"

Extreme Animatronics

The Electric Chair - A Classic Halloween prop

Death by Electrocution in Old Smokey - Hollywood Electric Chair Prop.

In 1881, - Dr. Albert Southwick, a dentist and former steamboat engineer, sees elderly drunkard touch terminals of electrical generator in Buffalo, New York. He is amazed at how quickly and apparently painlessly the man is killed and describes episode to friend State Senator David McMillan.

June 5, 1888 - Inventor Harold P. Brown writes a very compelling editorial letter to the New York Post, describing the death of a boy who touched a straggling telegraph wire running on AC current.

Shake and Bake - ELECTRIC CHAIR Halloween Animatronic. On August 6, 1890, the first electric chair in history was put into use in the death chamber of Auburn Prison in New York. In distant Abyssinia – now called Ethiopia – Emperor Menelik II (1844-1913) heard about it and decided that this new method of execution should become part of his modernisation plan for his country. Immediately, he put in an order for three electric chairs from the American manufacturer. When the chairs arrived and were unpacked, the emperor was mortified to learn that they would not work – Abyssinia had no electricity.

One question I get asked often as a Haunted House owner is " What is your favorite prop or animatronics?" It's like asking a parent what kid is their favorite! However I have to admit the classic "Electric Chair" makes my top 10 list year after year.

Currently the Boneyard houses a total of five electric chairs. one of the chairs has been imported from Europe. Originally manufactured as a arcade style novelty, the chair has been restored and updated with modern electronics. And is currently available for customers in the main waiting area at the Boneyard Haunted House.