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Boneyard Haunted House 2011 Press Release


Boneyard Haunted House Sets Spooky Stage for Thrills This Halloween Season.

(Arlington, Texas) August 10, 2011 – It’s hard to believe that one of the largest haunted houses in the world got its start in a refrigerator box in 1969.

That was the year that Dan Hall, Boneyard Haunted House’s founder and chief operator, was elected to his 2nd grade student council. His assignment? Build the school’s fall haunted house. For Hall, what started as a creepy crawl through refrigerator boxes morphed into a beastly love of all things scary.

Over the years, the refrigerator boxes mutated into a 260,000-square-foot monster: Boneyard Haunted House in Arlington, the largest haunted house in the world.

While volunteering for fundraising haunted houses in high school and college, Hall became fascinated with digital electronics, which later sparked an interest in computers. These interests play into his day job with structural design and engineering, but Hall also brings his skills out after dark to make The Boneyard one of the most terrifying, technically sophisticated haunts around.

Hall has been running his own hair-raising headquarters since 1997 when he opened a 20,000-square-foot house featuring animatronics and digital sound. This was a time when most houses were 5,000 square feet or less and only offered a handful of boogeymen as a grand finale, Hall’s advanced scare techniques widened eyes and dropped jaws.

This season, Boneyard is debuting an unprecedented 260,000 square feet of devilish dens and lurid lairs. The spectral stroll through Boneyard has even been submitted for the largest walk-through haunted house with Guinness World Records,. This year, Hall feels confident that Boneyard will top the charts with another record break season.

The Boneyard isn’t for small children, but it is a family venue built for entertainment. In addition to the indoor haunted walk, which is the longest in the world at more than 3,100 linear feet, The Boneyard boasts an indoor concert venue that can hold several thousand souls, concessions including beer, and an indoor line area to keep people nice and dry before they watch ghosts and ghouls sizzle.

The facility has even played host to seven weddings. The rest of the year, the military and local SWAT teams use the space for training. Since The Boneyard has its own costume, prop, and steel shops and can record what goes on inside. It is well equipped to set the stage for whatever training scenario the military may need.

Giving back to the community is a huge part of what makes The Boneyard unique. The people who put the “boo” in Boneyard volunteer their time; and proceeds go to local charities, making it the most frightening fundraiser in Texas.

The Boneyard will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights starting September 23. Beginning October 21, freak-seekers can relish in the fun every night of the week. General admission tickets are $25, with a new VIP FastPass available for $35. Tickets can be purchased online, in cash at the door, or at a credit card kiosk.

Web coupons can be found at, and QR codes are on all five of the famous Boneyard Hummer H2s steering around Dallas. Mobile coupon lovers can also text “FEAR” to "313131" to get a coupon code sent to your cell phone.

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About Boneyard Haunted House

Showcasing the latest techniques in animatronics and digital technology, The Boneyard is not only one of the scariest, most realistic haunted houses in the world, but it’s also the largest. With more than 260,000 square feet of space (which, if you believe the rumors, is actually haunted by ghosts who used to work there), The Boneyard is a worldwide leader in haunted house facilities and techniques. More than 3,100 linear feet of walkthrough space qualify Boneyard for running in the Guinness World Records every year.

In addition to the haunted walk, The Boneyard also features an indoor festival area, stage, large concert venue, concessions including beer, and even the ability to host Halloween theme weddings. Although The Boneyard is a family entertainment center, it is not recommended for small children.

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