The roof is on fire!

cowboys-stadium How we transformed a Haunted House in Dallas into a large scale music venue. Shortly after it was announced that Arlington, Texas would play host to the 2011 Super bowl we started receiving calls to host events at our venue. From pre-game parties, parking and shuttle buss service. It seemed that everyone had Super bowl fever and wanted to cash in. With a large venue, paved parking and just a few blocks away from Cowboy Stadium we found ourselves in the heart of the action.

We knew we were going to produce some events, we just need to decide on what type and how many we could effectively deliver.

The roof! the Roof The Roof is on Fire!

“it would ultimately max out our venue and push our team members to their limits”

  Haunted House Crowd While we were very good at working with large crowds during Halloween we had no idea that hosting events on this scale would have so many unique challenges. Additional security, medical and event staff would be needed. Parking and traffic control would also need to be addressed. And the big question, could we transform a Haunted House into a large scale entertainment venue and back again? Having made the decision to proceed we needed to figure out what events to hold. What we did would ultimately max out our venue and push our team members to their limits.

Haunted House or Night Club

  Large Haunted House Crowds We opted for a series of back to back events that would culminate with a all night After Hours Super bowl party. We had the stage, lighting and a very impressive sound system in place. So with a little planning we knocked down a few walls, widened a couple of exits, booked some great bands and the Top rated DJ’s in Dallas. Events would start two weeks prior to the big game, bands would play from 5pm till 11pm. Corporate parties were booked from 10pm till 4am. and the After Hours Super Bowl parties would run from 2am till 9am. We knew we could sleep in March. All in all it went off without a hitch. It was going to take more then a little snow to kill the Super bowl spirit in Texas.

DJ Sno White

we had one heck of a ride!

And while I am not sure if I would do it all again, I do know that we had one heck of a ride the year that the Super bowl came to town!

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