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Controlling your Fear

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

haunt_controller_06 Animatronics and Automated Show control is nothing new to the Haunted House industry. In fact it has been around since the early days of theater. How we use it has changed a great deal, especially over the last decade. The once high-end and expensive devices that were limited to large Stage Shows and Theme Parks are now abundantly available and very affordable. Multi-channel devices can control anything from large animatronics to the subtle flicker of a candle. Audio processors monitor the screams of our guest and adjust the ambient volume and lighting of the room in milliseconds. Literally changing the mood of a scene based on your reaction. Gone are the old fashion infrared motion detectors and pressure pads that would trigger the action. Replaced by active sonar, thermal imaging and scanning lasers. (more…)

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Army Attacks Boneyard

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Soldiers from the 302nd Military Police UnitGrand Prairie Army reservists filed into a haunted house in Arlington Texas …, hoping to better prepare for an upcoming mission in Haiti. Roughly 120 Soldiers practiced clearing rooms, dealing with hostiles and search and recovery in dangerous surroundings. The soldiers from the 302nd Military Police Unit were carrying unloaded guns, but able to practice real-life scenarios.

Inside The Boneyard Haunted House, former pilot Dan Hall — who is allowing the military to use his facility for free — is using all of his equipment to simulate a real life urban environment. “Someone could take fire on the troops, so as they come in they’ll be assessing the area have to clear it for any potential dangers,” said Hall. ~ Read More…
Soldiers practiced clearing rooms, dealing with hostiles inside haunted house

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