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Christmas in a Haunted House

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

xmas 2011 Tress ready for the party Decorating for the Boneyard Haunted House annual Toys for Tots drive. Each year we hold a Christmas party inside the Haunted House – admission is a new unwrapped toy. 2011 marks our fourth year to collect Toys for the U.S. Marine Corps.


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QR Codes & Haunted Houses

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

QR Codes and sms texting discounts

QR Codes have been around since 1994, originally used for tracking parts in the automotive industry, Quick Response Codes were slow to make their way into the consumer market. It wasn’t until the widespread use of smart phones that the codes began showing up in public.

Haunted House QR codes on wrapped vehicle graphics

We first started using Quick Response Codes for promotional tracking in 2009, a very basic code that directed users to our website

Our plan was to place the code on print advertisement and business cards. Almost immediately we met with resistance, printers had not seen them before, they could not guaranty the codes would scan in their ads. Bottom line – people fear the unknown. On top of that very few smart phone users at the time were familiar with the codes and were reluctant to download the needed app. Read More

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Most Haunted DFW

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

K2 Ghost Meter - Ghost hunting equipment

K2 Ghost Meter - Ghost hunting equipment

CBS 11. Joel Thomas explores the Boneyard Haunted Housein Arlington. Reporter: Dan Hall runs the haunted house in the abandoned sears building. We work hard all year to perfect our scares and technique for a short time in the Halloween season…

infarred cameras pick up unexplained objects

Upstairs is a massive, dark, unused floor. When we first acquired the building, and the mall maintenance guys and mall security handed the keys over us to, they jokingly told us don’t go upstairs. Reporter: soon, Mr. Hall began to think he was not the first person to haunt the building.

In the last year, there’s been two or three things I can’t explain. The rolls of receipts were stacked up on the table. And one of them came rolling across the floor at me one day. It just brushed my foot. Reporter: now, the floor is littered with the paper. Another event was downstairs. One of the trash cans just started moving toward us. Read More.

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Vehicle Graphics

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011


August 2011 – The Boneyard Haunted House in Texas unveils it latest entry into the Wrapped Vehicle Arena. A 2010 Dodge RAM was selected to be completely covered or wrapped in vinyl graphics. The Boneyard, one of the top Haunted Houses in Dallas has been using vehicle wraps since 2008 and currently has a total of six vehicles that make up their fleet. Ranging from a H2-Hummer all the way down to a VW-Bug.

The Boneyard has consistently built their Branding and public image from the start.

“Quality and Value are vital when presenting your companies image to the public, and is what our customers have come to expect from the Boneyard” said Dan Hall – Owner of the Boneyard Haunted House. “If you put your name on it – it has to be right! it doesn’t matter if its a Hummer or a coffee cup” said Hall.

Choosing the right team to partner with to wrap vehicles for the Haunted House promotions was crucial for Hall.It was important to find someone that could take my vision and create a vehicle wrap that reflected our image” Said Hall.

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