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Vehicle Graphics

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011


August 2011 – The Boneyard Haunted House in Texas unveils it latest entry into the Wrapped Vehicle Arena. A 2010 Dodge RAM was selected to be completely covered or wrapped in vinyl graphics. The Boneyard, one of the top Haunted Houses in Dallas has been using vehicle wraps since 2008 and currently has a total of six vehicles that make up their fleet. Ranging from a H2-Hummer all the way down to a VW-Bug.

The Boneyard has consistently built their Branding and public image from the start.

“Quality and Value are vital when presenting your companies image to the public, and is what our customers have come to expect from the Boneyard” said Dan Hall – Owner of the Boneyard Haunted House. “If you put your name on it – it has to be right! it doesn’t matter if its a Hummer or a coffee cup” said Hall.

Choosing the right team to partner with to wrap vehicles for the Haunted House promotions was crucial for Hall.It was important to find someone that could take my vision and create a vehicle wrap that reflected our image” Said Hall.

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