Make-up Wars of 2011

img_0422 What would you do with a few rubber bands, tooth picks, dental floss and a handful of rice? The staff and crew at the Boneyard Haunted House in Dallas Texas would declare war! A Make-up war to be precise. As most people celebrate the end of the year with a traditional glass of Champaign, noise makers and a countdown to the new year. Actors and crew members at this North Texas Haunted House have a different twist – Part of their annual new years celebration include “Make-up Wars” a creative showdown of special F/X make-up prowess.

If you only had 30 minutes a box of safety pins, rice and a rubber band… 

Everyday items used for special F/X


img_0409 Teams consist of a model, assistant and make-up artist and are given identical kits that contain common everyday items that most people would not consider typical cosmetics. This years kit included: Safety pins, rubber bands, brown rice, pipe cleaners and dental floss. Along with a small amount of make-up a few basic brushes and a cup of water.. the rest is pure imagination and creativity. The contents of the kits are kept secret up until the very last moment. Scoring is as follows: Best use of items, originality and overall appearance with 5 points being awarded for each category. 

30 minutes of pure fear

img_0418 Part cooking show and part wrestling match! 30 minutes are put on the clock and the games begin. As the teams begin to transform their models the audience starts to pick their favorites to win. While creativity and originality are key factors time management usually plays a huge factor in determining the winner. What started out a few years ago as a experiment has turned into a yearly event. Teams are chosen months in advance and contents of the kits are a closely guarded secret. Make-up wars are not only fun! they foster team spirit and create a very exciting atmosphere building up to the new year. more Make-up war photos

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