How to save yourself – Today!

four-leaf-clover So it’s Friday the 13th and the evil spirits and bad luck peddlers and knocking at your door. Stay inside? Skip Work? Grab your lucky Rabbit’s foot? Are you among the reported 8% of the population that suffers from “Triskaidekaphobia”? #SayWhat: the Fear of Friday the 13th. Well here are several ways you can protect yourself and ward off that negative energy as you navigate the abundance of superstitions that lie in wait. Some of these preventive measures you may be familiar with others may sound a bit odd.

Stay away from that black cat down the street!


But it’s Friday the 13th


Are you worried what your friends and coworkers may think of your superstitious ways? Don’t be now is the time to take action. And this is one of those rare instances where more is better. So get the garlic out of the fridge, rosemary from the spice rack and the wind chimes out of the closet! your going to need them today. Here are a few things we will need:

  1. Horseshoes
  2. Wind chimes
  3. Wishbone
  4. Cinnamon sticks
  5. Rosemary wreath
  6. Egg Shells
  7. 9mil Sig “personal favorite

It seems that in many parts of the world, even with all our diverse cultures and beliefs, the act of hanging a protective charm on our doors to bring luck or keep evil spirits out of our homes is widely practiced

Crushed Egg shells?

A Horseshoe on the door will repel witches from entering your houseand bring good luck to all who pass, it must be hung over your door, may either be nailed facing up or down. traced back to the 16th century English.

Wind chimes are guaranteed to scare bad spirits. “if you can get past the annoying sound” Indian wind bells and ceramic chimes from China, were used to protect homes. Japanese glass chimes will bring good luck!

Crushed Egg Shells need to be used sprinkle the powder for protection about the home where you feel evil spirits may be. Placed in a small pouch and carry it today for added protection.


Just to be Safe

So toss a little salt, burn a bit of sage and keep a sharp eye pealed for pennies on the ground.. You are now prepared to set forth today confidant that you are well protected.

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