Good or Evil? Friday the 13th

friday-the-13th-skeleton-calendar This coming Friday marks the first superstitious holiday of the new year, Friday, 13 January Two thousand and twelve is the first of three Friday the 13th’ s this season. January, April and July all have Fridays that fall on the 13th of the month! A bad year for the superstitious “if you are a true believer”2012  A great year if you’re in the Haunted House business! #SayWhat? Yes.. believe it or not there are a few of us that not only embrace the date but look forward to it’s arrival with great eagerness and anticipation. Why do some people fear the number 13? A recent survey estimates that …

as much as 8% of the population here in the US wont even leave their house on Friday the 13th! not even to go to work. A quick search on Google turns up 1,000′s of age old beliefs..

Walking under a ladder is unlucky - Friday the 13th  Is Friday the 13th Unlucky?

Just a few of my favorites:

  • 13 letters in your name is supposed to be evil “Charles Manson”
  • Some airports don’t have a 13th gate
  •  Most high-rise buildings don’t have a 13th floor
  • A hangman’s noose has 13 loops and 13 steps up to the platform?
  • Houston, we have a problem! Apollo 13
  •  Tarot card #13 is the Death Card

On October 13, 1307, a Friday the 13th, officers of King Philip IV of France carried out mass arrests in a coordinated early morning raid that captured several thousand of the legendary Knights Templar.

Not everyone fears this odd number, The Chinese and ancient Egyptians held the number in high regard. Some cultures use the lunar or female cycles of 28 days as a unit of measurement 28 x 13 = 364 days.

The Devils Dozen

Legend has it: Never change your bed on Friday; it will bring bad dreams


If you can’t beat um

We have rewired our electric panel at the Boneyard, #13 breaker turns on the house lights for the Haunt, we have exactly 13 exit doors down our main hallway and 13 tombstones in our graveyard scene. And lets not forget how many letters are in “Haunted Houses” Ha! Made you count…



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