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2011 Awards List

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

  best-actress With a cast and crew of 300 plus for the 2011 Haunted House season the Boneyard is very proud to recognize the following cast and crew members for their outstanding contribution and performances. With out their support, dedication and countless man hours a event of this size and scope would not be possible.  It is with great pride and admiration that we acknowledge our 2011 Boneyard award recipients.


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Photos: Saturday 22nd October

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Girl gets neck cut at haunted house


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Photos: 21st October Haunted House

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Girl held at knife point in Texas Haunted House Boneyard Haunted House – Friday night October 21st 2011.


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Take my Wife – Please!

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

The Human Shield

This has to be one of the most common occurrences I see at the Boneyard Haunted House. Friday night October the 15th 2011 I am at the exit of the Haunt getting customer feedback, how was it? What was your favorite actor? etc. So I approach this one couple and start to ask my standard questions when the Husband starts in.. ” Well it was OK, I guess… Nothing much scares me” and the whole time his wife has that look in her eye, (if your married, you know what I mean)
So, the wife stays quite during her husbands speech, and then tells me that it was great as she grabs her husbands arm and leads him to their car.

So, I make note of the time and after we close for the night I decide to review the video footage from our “Haunt-Cam” and guess who I find using his wife as a human shield? Yep! Mr. “It wasn’t that scary” This guy not only grabs his wife, Yanks her in front. he then hides his head behind her shoulder. The best part of the entire thing. His wife never threw him under the bus. She just stood there and let him tell his story.. {Or at least till they got in the car}


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Most Haunted DFW

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

K2 Ghost Meter - Ghost hunting equipment

K2 Ghost Meter - Ghost hunting equipment

CBS 11. Joel Thomas explores the Boneyard Haunted Housein Arlington. Reporter: Dan Hall runs the haunted house in the abandoned sears building. We work hard all year to perfect our scares and technique for a short time in the Halloween season…

infarred cameras pick up unexplained objects

Upstairs is a massive, dark, unused floor. When we first acquired the building, and the mall maintenance guys and mall security handed the keys over us to, they jokingly told us don’t go upstairs. Reporter: soon, Mr. Hall began to think he was not the first person to haunt the building.

In the last year, there’s been two or three things I can’t explain. The rolls of receipts were stacked up on the table. And one of them came rolling across the floor at me one day. It just brushed my foot. Reporter: now, the floor is littered with the paper. Another event was downstairs. One of the trash cans just started moving toward us. Read More.

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Army Attacks Boneyard

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Soldiers from the 302nd Military Police UnitGrand Prairie Army reservists filed into a haunted house in Arlington Texas …, hoping to better prepare for an upcoming mission in Haiti. Roughly 120 Soldiers practiced clearing rooms, dealing with hostiles and search and recovery in dangerous surroundings. The soldiers from the 302nd Military Police Unit were carrying unloaded guns, but able to practice real-life scenarios.

Inside The Boneyard Haunted House, former pilot Dan Hall — who is allowing the military to use his facility for free — is using all of his equipment to simulate a real life urban environment. “Someone could take fire on the troops, so as they come in they’ll be assessing the area have to clear it for any potential dangers,” said Hall. ~ Read More…
Soldiers practiced clearing rooms, dealing with hostiles inside haunted house

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Halloween Weddings

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Halloween themed weddings inside haunted house 
A Haunted House may not be your first choice when it comes to a wedding venue. However each year this Haunted Haunted House in Dallas Texas holds several wedding ceremonies. Complete with Zombie Ushers and Monster Groomsman the Boneyard Haunted House has become a Hot Spot for Halloween theme weddings.

Dan Hall – Owner of the Boneyard said that he did not know how to respond the first time he had a request for a wedding. “I had to make sure that the couple knew that this was a Haunted House” Hall said.

That was in 2005, Since then the number of weddings has only increased. Read More

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