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Most Haunted DFW

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

K2 Ghost Meter - Ghost hunting equipment

K2 Ghost Meter - Ghost hunting equipment

CBS 11. Joel Thomas explores the Boneyard Haunted Housein Arlington. Reporter: Dan Hall runs the haunted house in the abandoned sears building. We work hard all year to perfect our scares and technique for a short time in the Halloween season…

infarred cameras pick up unexplained objects

Upstairs is a massive, dark, unused floor. When we first acquired the building, and the mall maintenance guys and mall security handed the keys over us to, they jokingly told us don’t go upstairs. Reporter: soon, Mr. Hall began to think he was not the first person to haunt the building.

In the last year, there’s been two or three things I can’t explain. The rolls of receipts were stacked up on the table. And one of them came rolling across the floor at me one day. It just brushed my foot. Reporter: now, the floor is littered with the paper. Another event was downstairs. One of the trash cans just started moving toward us. Read More.

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Screaming Bridge

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Arlington Tx: A prominent urban myth in North Texas, screaming bridge has been visited by many locals over the decades. From teenagers out having fun to paranormal investigators, the story draws many in search of their own screaming bridge experience. Trying to hear the screams of the departed has been a ritual of passage for many Arlington teens screaming_bridge_arlington_texas On the night of February 4th, 1961 a car filled with six Arlington teenage girls plunged off a burned out wooden bridge where then Arlington-Bedford Road (renamed Greenbelt Rd) approached the railroad tracks in far North Arlington. The tracks themselves run parallel to a drainage ditch (mistakenly reported to be a creek in various newspaper articles of that time) which the bridge spanned. Read More overgrown_screaming_bridge_abandon_road

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Vehicle Graphics

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011


August 2011 – The Boneyard Haunted House in Texas unveils it latest entry into the Wrapped Vehicle Arena. A 2010 Dodge RAM was selected to be completely covered or wrapped in vinyl graphics. The Boneyard, one of the top Haunted Houses in Dallas has been using vehicle wraps since 2008 and currently has a total of six vehicles that make up their fleet. Ranging from a H2-Hummer all the way down to a VW-Bug.

The Boneyard has consistently built their Branding and public image from the start.

“Quality and Value are vital when presenting your companies image to the public, and is what our customers have come to expect from the Boneyard” said Dan Hall – Owner of the Boneyard Haunted House. “If you put your name on it – it has to be right! it doesn’t matter if its a Hummer or a coffee cup” said Hall.

Choosing the right team to partner with to wrap vehicles for the Haunted House promotions was crucial for Hall.It was important to find someone that could take my vision and create a vehicle wrap that reflected our image” Said Hall.

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Ghost Hunting Texas Style

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Ghost Hunters from Fort Worth Paranormal team investigate the Boneyard

Almost immediately the team started receiving signals on their ghost hunting equipment. Having broken up into several teams to cover the massive space that makes up the Boneyard complex. The members were unaware of what was happing with each individual team. It would not be till the next morning when they could start reviewing the evidence collected throughout the long night that they would find out what happened. Read More.

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Electric Chair – Halloween prop

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Electric Chair animatronic propOne question I get asked often as a Haunted House owner is ” What is your favorite prop or animatronics?” And it’s like asking a parent what kid is their favorite! However I have to admit the classic “Electric Chair” makes my top 10 list year after year.

In 1881, – Dr. Albert Southwick, a dentist and former steamboat engineer, sees elderly drunkard touch terminals of electrical generator in Buffalo, New York. He is amazed at how quickly and apparently painlessly the man is killed and describes episode to friend State Senator David McMillan.

Currently the Boneyard houses a total of five electric chairs. one of the chairs has been imported from Europe. Originally manufactured as a arcade style novelty, the chair has been restored and updated with modern electronics. And is currently available for customers. Read More.

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Army Attacks Boneyard

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Soldiers from the 302nd Military Police UnitGrand Prairie Army reservists filed into a haunted house in Arlington Texas …, hoping to better prepare for an upcoming mission in Haiti. Roughly 120 Soldiers practiced clearing rooms, dealing with hostiles and search and recovery in dangerous surroundings. The soldiers from the 302nd Military Police Unit were carrying unloaded guns, but able to practice real-life scenarios.

Inside The Boneyard Haunted House, former pilot Dan Hall — who is allowing the military to use his facility for free — is using all of his equipment to simulate a real life urban environment. “Someone could take fire on the troops, so as they come in they’ll be assessing the area have to clear it for any potential dangers,” said Hall. ~ Read More…
Soldiers practiced clearing rooms, dealing with hostiles inside haunted house

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Halloween Weddings

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Halloween themed weddings inside haunted house 
A Haunted House may not be your first choice when it comes to a wedding venue. However each year this Haunted Haunted House in Dallas Texas holds several wedding ceremonies. Complete with Zombie Ushers and Monster Groomsman the Boneyard Haunted House has become a Hot Spot for Halloween theme weddings.

Dan Hall – Owner of the Boneyard said that he did not know how to respond the first time he had a request for a wedding. “I had to make sure that the couple knew that this was a Haunted House” Hall said.

That was in 2005, Since then the number of weddings has only increased. Read More

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