2011 Year in review

APD_Aresst_Actors 2011 was a roller coaster of a year, every type of weather you could imagine from snow storms that threatened the Super-Bowl to record setting days above 100 degrees this summer. The economy, elections and our Troops seemed to monopolize the headlines in 2011.

So why should the variety of events here at the Boneyard be any different. Running the full range of the spectrum we played host to a number of guests from the paranormal to our countries most honored’

010811armyhauntedhouse_640x480 Most seasons if you asked me what event was my favorite I would have a difficult time picking just one. For 2011 the choice is easy, the United States Army! Seriously.. To get a phone call from the US Army asking “We need your help” At least for me that will go down in my 2011 “things to remember”

Donna Chris Brown at Boneyard Haunted House In addition to the troops invading the Boneyard, we played host to several other events. A very cold and snowy Super Bowl Event, Haunted Easter Egg hunt for kids, Haunters Boot camp in the spring and Ghost Hunters and Paranormal investigators dared to spend the night. We even had a few celebrities pay us a surprise visit.

We were invited to attack a few local schools with Zombies and chainsaw wielding monsters. Now think about that for a moment… we were asked to put on masks, fire up gas powered chainsaws and chase kids out of school. “But in a good way.. of course” The Police and local Fire Dept. were in the loop and yes there were more then a few 911 calls that went out.

Looking Back, despite the dilapidated economy, Ice, snow, record setting highs, Super Bowl, NBA, World Series… 2011 will be remembered as one of the best years we have had. We want to thank you for being part of it and look forward to creating more memories and positive experiences in the future.

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