The roof is on fire!

cowboys-stadium How we transformed a Haunted House in Dallas into a large scale music venue. Shortly after it was announced that Arlington, Texas would play host to the 2011 Super bowl we started receiving calls to host events at our venue. From pre-game parties, parking and shuttle buss service. It seemed that everyone had Super bowl fever and wanted to cash in. With a large venue, paved parking and just a few blocks away from Cowboy Stadium we found ourselves in the heart of the action. Read the rest of this entry »

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Are you the Keymaster?

zuul-gatekeeper-keymaster-ghostbusters Ray, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say YES!” My favorite line from the 1984 movie “Ghostbusters”. Here we are almost 30 years later and Ghost Hunters are as popular as ever. Paranormal investigators and Ghost Hunting programs are some of the highest rated shows on TV. Over the last several years we have been fortunate enough to host several Paranormal teams, Investigators and Ghost Hunts at our Haunted House. I have seen first hand how teams differ in their structure, methodology and philosophy. One commonality they all seem to share is their basic Ghost Hunting Equipment.

Basic equipment you need to get started

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Controlling your Fear

haunt_controller_06 Animatronics and Automated Show control is nothing new to the Haunted House industry. In fact it has been around since the early days of theater. How we use it has changed a great deal, especially over the last decade. The once high-end and expensive devices that were limited to large Stage Shows and Theme Parks are now abundantly available and very affordable. Multi-channel devices can control anything from large animatronics to the subtle flicker of a candle. Audio processors monitor the screams of our guest and adjust the ambient volume and lighting of the room in milliseconds. Literally changing the mood of a scene based on your reaction. Gone are the old fashion infrared motion detectors and pressure pads that would trigger the action. Replaced by active sonar, thermal imaging and scanning lasers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Here comes the Bogey-Man

boogeyman_by_nathan-arches Who is the Boogeyman? What does he do for a living? and why do parents feel the need to scare young children into submission with horrifying tales of this night dwellers exploits? Growing up in a older Fort Worth neighborhood we had this one elderly lady that lived a few doors down in the corner house. “Mrs. Mullins” was her name. We couldn’t go by her place without her yelling out “The Boogeyman’s gonna get you kids… He’ll getCha!” Now when your a six year-old riding your Big Wheel down to play with your friend something like that will scare the crap out of you. I remember my little brother wakening up in the middle of the of the night screaming “The Boogeyman…. the BOOooGeyMaN” Sure it’s funny now! But that kind of thing sticks with a kid. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sounds of the Haunted House

chillingthrilling-sounds-of-the-haunted-house-old-cover One of my most vivid memories of Halloween as a kid was what we called the Haunted House record. Each year as the season changed to fall and the days on the calendar passed. My brother and I would dig thru the stack of albums next to the Curtis Mathis TV, turn the lights out and play Disney’s “Sounds of the Haunted House” And we would scare ourselves crazy! Keep in mind this was before video games and high speed internet – for us it was 100% pure Imagination. Last week we were working at the Boneyard upgrading some digital sound cards and I was asked how we make the sound effects that are used in the Boneyard? Almost immediately I flashed back to the artwork on the old “Haunted House” record,, The next question that came to mind… What ever became of the album…? Read the rest of this entry »

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How to save yourself – Today!

four-leaf-clover So it’s Friday the 13th and the evil spirits and bad luck peddlers and knocking at your door. Stay inside? Skip Work? Grab your lucky Rabbit’s foot? Are you among the reported 8% of the population that suffers from “Triskaidekaphobia”? #SayWhat: the Fear of Friday the 13th. Well here are several ways you can protect yourself and ward off that negative energy as you navigate the abundance of superstitions that lie in wait. Some of these preventive measures you may be familiar with others may sound a bit odd.

Stay away from that black cat down the street! Read the rest of this entry »

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Good or Evil? Friday the 13th

friday-the-13th-skeleton-calendar This coming Friday marks the first superstitious holiday of the new year, Friday, 13 January Two thousand and twelve is the first of three Friday the 13th’ s this season. January, April and July all have Fridays that fall on the 13th of the month! A bad year for the superstitious “if you are a true believer”2012  A great year if you’re in the Haunted House business! #SayWhat? Yes.. believe it or not there are a few of us that not only embrace the date but look forward to it’s arrival with great eagerness and anticipation. Why do some people fear the number 13? A recent survey estimates that … Read the rest of this entry »

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Best use of Skeletal remains

Skeleton used in hov lane What started out as a routine traffic stop for speeding turned into a national news story. Back on December the 20th 2011 a patrol officer pulls over a car for speeding a making a unsafe lane change. The incident took place in Washington State on interstate-5 & 272nd Street according to a media release by the State Patrols office.

Skeleton found in HOV lane

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The Walls have Eyes

terrorfied_girl_scream The year was 2002, we had installed a inexpensive wireless camera inside the Haunted House, just for fun.. to laugh the people getting scared. (Yes we do make fun of you when you get scared) it was a very low tech camera, poor image, no recording or playback, black and white picture. Within the first couple of hours of seeing our guests reactions we found ourselves trying different things. Changing actors, scare tactics, lighting and just about anything else we could think of. No longer did we have to wait for you to exit the Haunt to judge how well we did, we could now see results in real time. after that first night we knew one thing.. We needed more cameras.

Are you gonna post that on Facebook?

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Make-up Wars of 2011

img_0422 What would you do with a few rubber bands, tooth picks, dental floss and a handful of rice? The staff and crew at the Boneyard Haunted House in Dallas Texas would declare war! A Make-up war to be precise. As most people celebrate the end of the year with a traditional glass of Champaign, noise makers and a countdown to the new year. Actors and crew members at this North Texas Haunted House have a different twist – Part of their annual new years celebration include “Make-up Wars” a creative showdown of special F/X make-up prowess.

If you only had 30 minutes a box of safety pins, rice and a rubber band… 

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